Wildfire risk on Gabriola Island

Wildfire is a huge concern on Gabriola Island: we have so much forested land, and it’s tinder dry in summer. Imagine a summer-time fire half a mile away from your place, sending burning embers (firebrands) into the air. Those things can travel farther than we’d like. If one of those embers lands on some dry leaves at your place, you could have a fire threatening your home, your neighbourhood, and our island.

You can help us all stay safe

You can help us stay safe by following Gabriola’s burning regulations, by calling 911 if there’s an emergency, and by reducing the risk of your own property burning if there’s a nearby fire.

Signs around the island indicate Gabriola’s current wildfire hazard rating: low, moderate, high, high with early shift, or extreme. This website also tells you the current rating – see the sidebar on the right of each page. Please note the current status and learn what is and is not permitted when that status is in effect.

How keep your home safe from wildfire

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