Driveway access

If you have a long driveway on your Gabriola property, we’ve got a question for you: would a fire truck be able to get down that driveway to access your house?

When you build your driveway, please plan for emergency vehicle access. Ask us for information about NFPA standards for driveway construction.

When your driveway is already in place, please trim branches that obstruct it, and keep it free of potholes.

If there’s a fire at your house, we may want to drive a fire truck down your driveway. If we can’t do that we’ll have to park on the street and run hoselines all the way down your driveway to your house. We can do this and we will, but it takes time to pull all that hose. That slows our firefighting efforts, and we know you’d rather have us extinguish a fire quickly.