Address signs

What if we can’t find you when you need our help?

Please be sure that your address sign is easy to see from the road on a dark, rainy night. Put it next to your driveway so there’s no confusion over which sign goes with which property.

When there is an emergency, Gabriola firefighters and first responders need to find the emergency before they can help. When there are no address signs, they waste valuable time looking for the right house.

Please make sure that we can find you when you need us most. Post an address sign so that we can find you in a hurry if you call for our help.

Need an address sign?

gabriola-address-signsThe photo here shows sample signs that we have on a wall at the firehall. These signs are reflective, so they work well at night as well as in daytime. If you’d like a sign like one of these, call us, and we’ll put you in touch with the Gabriola company that supplies these signs.

Need help installing your new address sign?

If you’re on Gabriola Island and you need help installing an address sign, contact us and we’ll help you!