Why join?

Being a member of the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department can bring many good things to your life.

There’s the satisfaction of helping your community in important ways: putting out fires, cutting people out of crushed cars at automobile accidents, rescuing those who have fallen down cliffs, and providing medical aid to those who are having heart attacks or other health emergencies. What you do as a member of the fire department matters very much.

There’s the learning you’ll do as you gain firefighting, rescue, and medical response skills. It’s enjoyable and enriching. And where else can you learn to drive a fire truck, rapel down a cliff, and carry a person down a ladder?

There’s camaraderie. We firefighters see each other at least once a week, at Tuesday night practices. We see each other at fundraising and community events – like the fireworks show we put on every autumn. Sometimes we take weekend-long courses together. And of course we see each other when we respond to emergencies together. Bonds form this way, and friendships develop. We have fun together.

Morale is high in our department, and we’re all glad to be a part of this effort.

We’re a diverse group. Our youngest member is about 20, and our oldest is over 60. We have male and female members. When we’re not responding to emergencies, some of us are students, builders, electricians, geeks, draftsmen, engineers, managers, restaurant staff, paramedics, and people who serve you in local businesses.

Firefighters are paid $12 per hour for scheduled training and callouts, which increases to $17 per hour when training is completed. The department pays for all training courses, such as air brakes and class 3 drivers licence training.

If you join us, you’ll have some adventures, and help the Gabriola community. We think you’ll find it worthwhile.