We’re grateful to our Gabriola Island community for so many things that help us with our mandate. In particular, we’d like to thank:

Good drivers

Thanks to good drivers, who check their rear view mirrors frequently and pull over when they see one of us driving with 4 way flashers (hazard lights) on. We drive our own vehicles when on the way to the fire hall for an emergency, or when we’re on our way to a medical call.

Thanks also to drivers who yield when they hear sirens, or see red lights flashing on the top of our fire or medical vehicles.

Supportive businesses

Gabriola firefighters work at a variety of jobs in the community. When their pagers go off, they drop everything and rush off to help with an emergency. We thank the following Gabriola businesses for letting firefighters leave work when there’s a fire or other serious emergency.

Prepared people

Thanks to those who equip their homes with fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms. Thanks to those who read through the learn section of our website and use that information to reduce the risk of home and wildland fires.


Every autumn we raise money for our community fireworks display. Thanks to everybody who donates! Thanks also to Village Foods for donating food for events, and to Mid-Island Co-op for lending us their tent.

In December each year we drive decorated fire trucks around the island for our food and toy drive. Thanks to those who donate so that we can pass on these gifts to those who need them.


A hearty thanks to those who dial 911 when they see trouble: a neighbour’s fire getting out of control, a house on fire, a car crash, a fall down a cliff, or some miscellaneous accident we haven’t even imagined. We can only help if somebody tells us what’s up, so thanks for that 911 call.

Thanks also to those who report dangerous and illegal behavior – like when a driver throws cigarette butts out a car window. Please don’t hesitate to call the RCMP and report licence plate numbers when you see that kind of thing.