GVFD overview

The Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department operates under the direction of the Fire Chief and trustees.

Currently we have 30 firefighter positions. The Office of the Fire Commissioner suggests it be raised to 40 firefighters: 20 for Hall Number 1 and 20 for Hall Number 2.

We have 2 fire halls, and ten vehicles.

In 2013 our firefighters responded to:

  • 1 brush fire
  • 6 chimney fires
  • 5 hydro related incidents
  • 6 structure fires
  • 10 false alarms
  • 12 motor vehicle incidents
  • 13 investigations
  • 20 other incidents
  • 43 burn complaints

In 2013 our first responders responded to:

  • 171 medical calls

Our department earned the Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation from the Fire Underwriter Survey. This means that Gabriola property owners are eligible for significant savings on their insurance, because testing proved that the GVFD can deliver large amounts of water to a fire scene. If you’re a property owner on Gabriola, make sure your insurance agent knows that we have this hydrant equivalency status!

See our insurance page for more details on the accreditation we earned.