GVFD history

James Rollo donated land for Gabriola’s fire hall in the late 1960s. In 1966, a group of volunteers became Gabriola’s first firefighters, and aquired the island’s first fire truck.

Here’s a photo of James Rollo with Gabriola Island’s first fire truck:

James Rollo with Gabriola fire truck

The building we now call the old fire hall was built by volunteers and opened in 1970. This photo, taken inside that old fire hall, shows Gabriola’s first ambulance and fire trucks:


Jenni Gehlbach’s excellent article, Gabriola’s ambulance service—the first 25 years, 1969–94, has good information about the early days of the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department. Many thanks to Jenni for allowing us to host a copy of her article here for you to read.

Our new hall, Fire Hall Number 1, was opened in 2013.

If you have photos or stories about our department’s past, we’d love to hear from you. Please do contact us.