GoodSAMapp is an app you can install on your smart phone. The GoodSAMApp website explains:

Good (S)martphone (A)ctivated (M)edics uses the latest technologies to alert those with medical training to nearby emergencies so that potentially life-saving interventions can be given before the arrival of emergency services. [continue]

Volunteers needed

Can you be a Responder within this system?

If you have a smartphone and a CPR qualification, the answer is yes. Please download the GoodSAM Responder App and register as a responder. You will need to upload a photo of your certification in order to be validated. Once approved, you’ll be a responder within the system, and you can be notified of nearby emergencies where your help is needed.

Can you be an Alerter within this system?

YES. Everyone can download the GoodSAM Alerter app. That allows you to call for help within the GoodSAM system. You can call for help when you have an emergency medical problem, or when you witness an emergency medical event and need help. If you use the GoodSAM Alerter app to call for help, the app will dispatch nearby responders AND will dial 911 to inform BC Ambulance of your emergency.

Do you have medical conditions? Are you on medications? Have allergies? You can put these details into the GoodSAM Alerter app, if you wish. If you then use the app to call for help, the app will ask if it’s for you. If you say yes – that you are the one with the medical emergency – the app will send your medical details to BC Ambulance dispatch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to download the apps?

Use the “apps” link on the menu of the site.

We’re using this on Gabriola?

Yes. We are now recruiting people to be GoodSAM responders on Gabriola. If you’re a doctor, nurse, paramedic, police officer, or anybody else with CPR training, please help us by signing up as a responder.

At the moment, the chance of a GoodSAMapp responder being dispatched to an emergency on Gabriola are slim, but we hope to change that by recruiting dozens of certified responders, and then using the network more and more to help provide prompt emergency aid on the island. GoodSAM can help us save lives.

gabriola-goodsam-startWe have only just begun recruiting GoodSAM volunteers on Gabriola, but look what we’ve got already! Each green person-icon on the map shows the location of one GoodSAM responder on Gabriola. This is just a snapshot of one moment in time – sometimes there are more responders, sometimes fewer, depending on who is on-island and who’s in town.

But we already have BC Ambulance and First Responders, so why do we need this, too?

Say your neighbour falls and hits his head. He stops breathing. Nobody knows what to do, except to call 911. Gabriola’s first responders and paramedics will respond, but it will take a number of minutes before they arrive on scene. In those minutes, your neighbour may suffer brain damage or even die from lack of oxygen. If there is a CPR-trained responder across the street, wouldn’t it make sense to send that person, too? The nearby responder can be there so very quickly, and can provide the initial few minutes of care that can save your neighbour’s life. The GoodSAM app can help make this happen.

Or imagine that you’re down at Drumbeg and a guy on the beach has a heart attack. His heart stops altogether, so he needs CPR and an AED in a hurry. If there’s a certified medical responder further down the beach, wouldn’t it make sense to send that responder to the patient to start CPR? That can happen if the responder has the GoodSAM responder app installed, and if the GoodSAM network is notified.

Does this work in other parts of the world, too?

Yes. If you have the Alerter app, you can use it to call for help no matter where you are. It will call the local emergency medical number (911 in Canada) and will send GoodSAMApp responders.

If you are a Responder within the GoodSAMApp system, the app will alert you to nearby emergencies no matter where you are. You may be at a coffee shop in Nanaimo, at a sports event in Vancouver, or at your sister’s place in Calgary. You can be alerted to nearby emergencies no matter where you are.

What if the Responder app alerts me to an emergency, but I can’t go?

No worries. You decline the call or ignore it. GoodSAM will notify the next nearest responder instead.

Need help installing the app?

Ask us for help. Volunteers from the GVFD can help you install and configure the app.