As you drive

When you see red flashing lights or hear our sirens

Please yield to emergency vehicles. After all, it is the law! When our fire trucks or emergency medical vehicles are flashing red lights and/or using sirens, please pull over.

When you see a car with hazard lights on

When there’s a medical emergency, some first responders will drive directly from their homes to the emergency site, using their own vehicles.

When there’s a fire, firefighters drive their own vehicles to the fire hall.

In each of these cases, our members drive with their emergency flashers (hazard lights) on, to alert you. This is our request: please yield!

Please check your rear view mirror frequently

Did you know? Driving instructors suggest that you check your rear view mirror every five to eight seconds.

Please check your rear view mirrors frequently so that you’ll notice if a firefighter or first responder is behind you with hazard lights flashing. Please pull over and let us pass when it’s an emergency. Yielding the right of way could save somebody’s life.

Please carry a fire extinguisher

Imagine that you’ve just parked at the side of the road when you see some moron toss a cigarette butt onto the grass. A fire starts, and you’re right there! Don’t you want to put out that tiny fire before it spreads? Of course you do, so you grab the fire extinguisher you keep in your car, in an easily-accessible place. You pull pin, aim at the flames, squeeze the handle, and sweep the extinguisher from side to side. In seconds, the fire is out, and you have saved us all from disaster.

Don’t you want to be that hero? We hope so! Please be prepared by having a fire extinguisher in your vehicle.

We have excellent fire extinguishers available for purchase at the fire hall. Please get one.

And if you do find a little fire, and if you are using your fire extinguisher to put it out, yell for somebody to call 911, too – just in case the extinguisher isn’t enough.