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Open house! And fire safety week

October 5th to 12th is Fire Safety week. Please take the time to ensure all of your fire safety devices and fire escape plan are functional.

On Saturday October 11th we will be hosting an open house at Hall 1. It starts at noon, and goes until 3pm. We’ll have a fire hose for kids of all ages to try, some other fire fighting equipment demonstrations, and hot dogs and beverages by donations- proceeds toward our annual firework show. Application forms will also be available, so feel free to enquire if you have been contemplating becoming a fire fighter.

For your family’s safety:

Please ensure your smoke detectors are functional and are less than 10 years old. The BC building code requires one on each level of your home. The latest code requires one in each bedroom as well. Battery powered smoke detectors are acceptable, and are in some ways are preferable, as the 110V wired in models don’t work during a power outage- when we are most likely to be using candles! A battery powered detector located by the 110V- or a modern 110V one with a built in battery backup one is a good idea as well.

Special smoke detectors are available for the hearing impaired, as well as for areas that often give a false alarm, such as kitchens. Please call us if you would like more info on these. (250-247-9677 – office and message)

Fire extinguishers need to be examined on a regular basis to ensure they are operational- essentially that the pin retainer is intact, and the gauge is reading full. They need to be professionally serviced every 6 years. This service is reasonably cheap- much less than the price purchasing a new extinguisher. If in doubt, give us a call for info about where to take it.

It is a sensible idea to have an extinguisher on each level of your home. Mount them by the exit, as you don’t want to be searching for it in time of need. We sell top quality 5-pound ABC fire extinguishers at Hall 1 for wholesale prices.

What if we can’t find you?

photo of Gabriola driveway

Can you see an address sign here? Neither can we.

What if somebody has a heart attack here, or a serious injury, and needs help in a hurry? What if that somebody calls 911, and what if a few minutes could make the difference between life and death?

And then what if, after rushing to the street, first responders can’t figure out which driveway belongs to the caller – because none of the driveways on this street have address signs?

It’s frustrating for everybody, especially when the caller’s need is urgent.

If your place is missing an address sign, first responders and firefighters will be delayed when we try to find you. Wouldn’t you rather have us find you quickly if you call for our help?

New emergency access to the 707

photo of emergency access gateIf you drive along South Road, you might notice a road cutting into the forest towards the 707 Acre Park, just near the intersection of Crestwood and South Road. It crosses private property, then connects with the road system in the 707.

The RDN recently put a gate across that road. Our hope is that nobody will park in front of the gate and block access! If there’s a fire in the 707, this will be an important access point for us.

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