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New tanker truck

This past week we took possession of our newest fire vehicle- No. 10 – a 3000 imp. gallon (13,500 litre) water tanker- or tender in the latest fire fighting jargon.

This truck was built by Hub Fire vehicles of Abbotsford, and is similar to our No.2 tanker, which has been serving us well for the past 8 years.

In our department we have 4 tankers, which in effect, act as our fire hydrants. These trucks roll to one of 5 gravity fed hydrants located around the island and deliver the water back to the fire scene.

As you may recall, in 2007 we became the second volunteer fire department west of Ontario to earn the Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation, which is the equivalent to having a fire hydrant within 300 M of your home. (This should be stated on your insurance documents.)

We were actually the first department to earn this status without the assistance of neighbouring fire departments, resulting in savings to Gabriolan property owners millions of dollars per year in insurance costs.

To earn this status, amongst other factors, we needed to be able to deliver water from 5 kms away from the test site, and pump 200 gpm for 2 hours non stop.

No.10 will be serving our community for at least the next 30 years.

The New No. 6 – Duty Officer Vehicle

Gabriola truck number 6


Our new Honda Ridgeline is now in service as the Duty Officer vehicle. It is the first to respond to most incidents, equipt with medical equipment including an AED, a Thermal imaging camera (TIC), as well as fire extinguishers and incident command materials. It offers the convenience of a 4 door vehicle for carrying members, as well as a box for the occasional dirty, bulky thing it needs to move, and lots of compartments to stow it all in.

It replaces our Honda Element (No.7) which has been a great front line vehicle, and now is in service for medical call responses from Hall 2.