First Responders

For medical emergencies on Gabriola

A number of Gabriola firefighters are also medical first responders. They are trained to provincial standards and licensed by BC’s Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board.

911 dispatchers often send our first responders to medical emergency calls. We usually arrive on scene before BC Ambulance.

GVFD medical response vehicles carry AEDs (automated external defibrilators), oxygen, and a variety of first aid supplies.

If you have a medical emergency on Gabriola, call 911.

Please yield to first responders!

When there’s a medical emergency, some first responders will drive our medical truck to the patient’s location. Other first responders will drive directly from their homes to the emergency site, using their own vehicles.

When responding in their own vehicles, our first responders drive with their hazard lights (four-way flashers) on. Please pull over and let them pass. Yielding the right of way could save somebody’s life.

Please check your rear view mirrors frequently so you’ll notice if there is an emergency vehicle behind you. Driving instructors suggest that you check your rear view mirror every five to eight seconds.

About the photo on this page

The photo on this page shows a demonstration of first responder skills used in a spinal injury. The patient shown here is a firefighter who volunteered to act in this role. We would never put photos of real patients on our website, as that would violate patient privacy.