Duty Officer

Also known as the Officer on Duty

When the fire chief is on duty, he is the officer in charge Рthe duty officer.

When the fire chief is off-duty, the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department is run by a duty officer. The duty officer is a senior firefighter whose skills include incident command – in other words, managing the scene and directing firefighters when there’s a fire, car crash, or other serious event.

The duty officer is also in charge of investigating burning complaints. So if you phone the department because a silly person on your street is burning a bunch of logs on a hot August day, you’ll see the duty officer arrive to check things out and take appropriate action.

The role of duty officer is shared by five firefighters, so you’ll see a variety of people filling this role.

To contact the duty officer

To contact the Gabriola duty officer directly, call this pager number: 250-755-9289.