GFPID Trustee Meeting Minutes

A General Meeting of the Gabriola Fire Protection District was held March 4, 2020 at the No. 1 Fire Hall with six Trustees in attendance, absent was Paul Giffin. The meeting was called to order at 4:45 p.m. by Chairman Sandra Rudischer.
Chairman Rudischer asked for  errors or omissions from  the minutes of January 22, 2020 General Meeting?
Penelope Bahr noted that her questions on the Fire Department having a policy on its Social media accounts hadn’t been addressed.  The Corporate Officer said she had inserted the word “media” into Penelope’s question to make it clearer to what she was asking, and that it was answered by the fact there is an O.G. on the handling of such.
Short discussion, It was agreed that the Department will upgrade their O.G.’s to include all Social Media.
Sean Lewis brought up the Fire Department’s Service Level and that it had to be approved by the Trustees.  This item was put into old business to be discussed.
Gabriola Emergency Communications (GEC) Annual Report
2019 books have been sent to the Auditor.
∙    33 Fire calls in February broken down.
∙    Replacement truck – to be discussed under Old Business.
∙    RDN policy on homeless camping in RDN public parks.  I have met with Vanessa Craig to discuss this policy.  I strongly oppose the camping in the 707 and Cox parks due to poor access and extreme fire hazards during the summer.  I suggested that these parks be added to the list of exemptions, or at the very least a seasonal Spring to Fall ban.  Today all the Emergency Services met with the RDN staff to discuss enforcement of the Bylaw, while it was a productive meeting more concerns were assessed.
∙    The Department recruitment drive was another success, we are bringing on another 5 or 6 Auxiliary members, some of them will move forward to the Frontline class in November.  This brings our number of firefighters to 40, which is full in accordance to the FUS recommendations.  There are still some candidates on the waiting list.
∙    There will be another Fire Smart Champion course on March 15, 2020.
Jethro Baker Training Officer
1. Training for February 2020:
First responder-Disease Prevention/Rcmp presentation on interpersonal violence
Low Angle Technical Rescue
Auto Extrication
Training schedule for March 2020:
First Responder- Spinal management
Live Fire
Low angle rescue Scenario
Live fire stations
Live fire scenario∙    Domestic violence course.
∙    CoVid-19
Dianna Moher asked about WCB coverage for the Covid virus. (C.O. checking into it.)
∙    Limit the amount of FRs going into calls.
∙    Requested more information from FireComm before responding to a call.
∙    Added an O.G. for this topic.
∙    Voted 5 new members in.
∙    Will have the AGM in April.
∙    AGM April 29, will have 3 tables.  The Chair noted she will remind any new Trustees that there is a meeting directly after the AGM.
∙    Penelope Bahr asked if there could be a set closing time for the election?    Discussion.
Moved by John Moeller that meeting stay the way it is, with no set closing time, seconded by Dianna Moher, carried.  (P.B. wanted it to be recorded that she cast a dissenting vote.)
Trustee orientation package:
Penelope Bahr suggested that all new Trustees get paper copies of any relevant information, a tour of the Hall, and introductions to the Chief and Officers.
The Corporate Officer noted that new Trustees are sent a link or the Improvement District Manual, and sent Bylaw 76 – the Meeting Procedure Bylaw, she  stated the reason for using the link was the amount of paper it saved, the manual itself is 246 pages.
Dianna Moher stated that as a new Trustee herself she found the email links very helpful, and she was told if she wanted a paper copy to let Paula know and she would print one off.
Bylaw 95 – Burning:
∙    10.01.1:    took out – oral or written permission
∙    took out – or a properly constructed camp fire
∙    took out – permit holder or some competent person appointed by him and changed .5 X .5 to .5 cubic metres
Trustee Website:
∙    Needs some tweeking, will meeting with Dimitri Tzotzos next week along with Will S.
∙    Sean Lewis asked if everyone had received their confirmation request – yes.
Truck Purchase:
The Chief explained the options for the purchase of the new truck, and suggested the Trustee go with Option #1.
∙    How will it get here?  It will be delivered
∙    References?  – Attached to the options and specs
∙    Time frame?  1 year after agreement is signed
∙    What will happen to the old truck – would like to turn it into a heavy duty rescue vehicle.
Moved by Penelope Bahr that the Trustees accept option 1, seconded by Sean Lewis, carried.
Service Level firefighting:
Sean Lewis noted that although he was happy that the GVFD was operating a full service department that it is up to the Trustees to determine the level.
Sean Lewis moved that the Fire Chief maintain the Department at the Full Service level with an annual review by the Board, Fire Chief, and senior Officers,  seconded by Penelope Bahr, carried.
Questions from the floor:
∙    A person from the floor complimented Sean Lewis at noticing a possible legal liability in the Burning Bylaw.
∙    Are the Bylaws available on the website?  Yes.
∙    Is there a blanket permit available for burning? No.  Looking into Wildfire reductions
∙     plans, but these will still have to be approved by the Province.
∙    How do you recruit Trustees?  Do you identify skill sets that you would like them to have?
    ∙    Have put Advertisements in the paper stating how many positions will be voted on at the AGM.
    ∙    Open election.
    ∙    Incumbents still run
    ∙    Shouldn’t be the Board asking people to run for election
    ∙    It is nice if someone has some expertise in a field
Mark Noyon moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Sean Lewis, carried.
6:00 p.m.
A General Meeting of the Gabriola Fire Protection District was held June 17, 2020 at the No. 1 Fire Hall with six Trustees in attendance, absent was Mark Noyon. The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m. by Chairman Sandra Rudischer.
Chairman Rudischer asked for  errors or omissions from  the minutes of March 4, 2020 General Meeting?
Sean Lewis mentioned a few typos and the need to  add, under discussion of service level  on page 3 after the  words review by the Board… “with the Chief, and Senior Officers.”
Moved by Penelope Bahr that the minutes be accepted as amended, seconded by Sean Lewis, carried.
Bowen Island report has just been received, will email out to Trustees.
Provincial Levy will be coming in at the end of the month.
FIRE CHIEF REPORT: (As per written report)
Discussion on following topics:
∙    Camping is allowed in Cox park but it is safer than 707 as it is wetter and about a fifth of the size.
∙    Penelope Bahr mentioned she had attended the Fire Smart course and said it was very good.
∙    HAM radio team is not training with the fire department but will be a part of the GVFD, because of   Provincial regulations this makes it faster for us when we need the HAM team, we can call them directly.
∙    Selection of Officer process.
Kitt Stringer introduced himself and gave some background of his training and discussed the following:
∙    Recruits’ training and certification: 3  more certificates done and 3 pending- VIERA- New edition Jones + Bartlett of training manual
∙    Re-signed First responder agreement with VIERA- changes to evaluator system
∙    New auxiliary program- 6 more for wild land trained via Zoom and in person- waiting for ICBC for driving
∙    Hazmat course mutual with Cherry Creek
∙    Joint training exercise with BC Forest Service, HAM,  RCMP (RCMP not able to attend)
∙    Training with RCMSAR Marine- Interagency Restrictions
∙    New First Aid instructor course
∙    New Fire Service Instructor Course
∙    New Officer course being offered with VIERA
∙    Video library for Gabriola specific skills development now online
∙    Future development in platoon system
∙    Future development of training documentation for liability mitigation- ie TIC- O.Gs sent out
∙    New recruit class to start after covid – Training budget for live fire- hope to do in house
∙    New training facility will be great – use of old hall has been an asset for training as well
The Fire Chief thanked Kitt for stepping up and getting the members through training to receive their NFPA 1001 Level 1 & 2 certification.
Kitt noted that some of the members had taken time off work to complete this.
∙    Morale has been really good throughout the Co-Vid pandemic
∙    The Platoon competition has received 5000 views on Tik Tok
∙    Platoon 1 “Plunge for PHC” was a big success for a fund raiser.
∙    Has to be limited to 50 people, including Trustees…
∙    AGMs can not be conducted by Zoom or on-line.
∙    All 3 Trustees have agreed to run again.
∙    Need to have it by the end of the year, but possibly defer it to September / October.
∙    Victoria is trying to get a guideline together for Improvement Districts.
∙    Possible advanced voting if more than the 3 incumbents run?
Paul Giffin moved to table the AGM discussion until the next meeting, seconded by Sean Lewis, carried.
Short discussion on a couple of small changes regarding incinerator size.
Paul Giffin moved that Bylaw 95 be accepted with amendment, seconded by Sean Lewis, carried.
The Fire Chief stated that the consultant had come over and inspected the building and said it was worth investing in a new roof, and that flat was the way to go – waiting for a report.
Discussion was tabled until the next meeting.
∙    Passed a motion to accept the Auditor’s report, moved by Sean Lewis, seconded by Penelope Bahr, carried by rest of Trustees.  (This still needs to be passed at the AGM to make it official.)
∙    707 letter of support for no camping.
∙    Burning Bylaw changes.
Moved by John Moeller that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Daina Moher, carried.
5:30 p.m.
(Meeting went in-camera)
A General Meeting of the Gabriola Fire Protection District was held July 22, 2020 at the No. 1 Fire Hall with seven Trustees in attendance. The meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m. by Chairperson Sandra Rudischer.
Chairperson Rudischer asked for  errors or omissions from  the minutes of June 17, 2020 General Meeting?
Penelope Bahr noted that she had thanked the department for the Fire Smart course at the last meeting.
Diana Moher moved to accept the minutes as amended, seconded by Penelope Bahr, carried.
Treasurer’s Report:
Provincial levy is in.
Chief’s Report: (As per written report)
∙    Can the communications committee work with Evan McIntosh on the new website format?
∙    Does the FUS cover farms?  Farms don’t carry commercial insurance but will look into it.
Training Officer’s Report: (As per written report)
Chair thanked Kitt for his report.
Association Report:
∙    Things have been quiet as the Platoons are not mixing during or after practices.  Although we did have a small party for Walter Berry when he left, had three separate tables for the three Platoons.
New Business:
Chairperson, Sandra Rudischer noted that herself and Paula Mallinson were the signers on the GFPID account and asked Diana Moher if she was still willing to be a signer, Diana agreed that she would be.
Old Business:
Discussion on re-roofing the old Hall’s roof:
∙    Lot more to do than just the roof, should we get rid of the building?
∙    There’s the Gertie aspect of renting out space for the busses.
∙    Building considerations, could remove mezzanine and become a 1 storey and be grand-fathered.
∙    Could put on a new roof and slowly start fixing the building up.
∙    Agreed with putting on a new roof if the mezzanine is removed.
∙    Let’s start the process and get quotes from on Island.
∙    If we rent to Gertie would it interfere with practices?  No.
∙    Would the Office have to be removed?  Yes.
Approval of Officers:
Short discussion on the Fire Chief and Officers picks for new Officers and the process around it:
∙    Who was in the running?  Felix Amuir, Elisha Bandel, Hayley Bennett, Geoff Goodall, Jenn Knight, Evan McIntosh, Chris Manning, Devlin Semmler, and Jessie Sherk.
∙    Done by Secret ballot, the Fire Chief noted he abstained from voting as his wife was on the list with having 11 years experience.
∙    Is there a probationary period?  No.
∙    Ran an in-house Ad for the Training Officer position, no one but Kitt Stringer applied.
∙    Elisha has a beard, how does that work?  Elisha shaves to fit mask.
∙    Jenn Knight and Evan McIntosh where selected as Lieutenants, and Dave Chorneyko is Acting Captain of No. 2 Hall.
∙    We have also created three new position for acting Lieutenants and we will see who performs well.
∙    Will this affect the budget?  No.
∙    In the past the selection of Officers were always accepted by the Trustees as they knew the firefighters better than the Trustees and respected their opinions.
Moved that the Chiefs and Officers picks for the positions be accepted, seconded by Sean Lewis, carried.
John Moeller moved to adjourn and to In-Camera, seconded by Mark Noyon, carried.
Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.
A General Meeting of the Gabriola Fire Protection District was held January 22, 2020 at the No. 1 Fire Hall with seven Trustees in attendance. The meeting was called to order at 4:45 p.m. by Chairman Sandra Rudischer.
Chairman Rudischer asked for  errors or omissions from  the minutes of December 4, 2019 General Meeting, none forthcoming, moved by Penelope Bahr that the minutes be accepted as presented, seconded by Diana Moher, carried.
The Chief noted that there will be an Open House on January 22, from 10:00 – 3:00 for Emergency Preparedness.   Recruitment for the department as well as other services, such as ESS, PALS… will be sought.
We have set up some Social Media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Facebook, they will all be linked to our webpage.
On Tuesday, January 22, the department passed the annual Commercial FUS testing need to upgrade our records.
At our last Officer’s Meeting we went over OFC self audit.
Updated the Burning Bylaw to include the new regulations.
Fire Smarting – Canso area will be the first neighbourhood to receive the Red Bin for clean up.
We have appointed two new Officers, Elisha Bandel No 1 Hall and Dave Chorneyko No. 2.
Q.  Do you need a policy for the media accounts?  We have an O.G. regarding talking to the media.
TRAINING OFFICER’S REPORT: Reported by Jethro Baker
Training topics for January are:
F.R.  bleeding/shock
Pre-incident planning at the Gabriola Garden Homes
Superior Tanker Shuttle Service accreditation
Low angle ice/water rescue
In the upcoming months we will:
Co-ordinate monthly training nights
Evaluate long term training needs
Continue reviewing our OFC Playbook compliance
I have completed our 2020 training schedule for our frontline recruits and auxiliaries.  The list of skills we need to be proficient in is massive.  The training is co-ordinated by myself and the Chief.  The Officers play a large role in delivering the weekly training.  These Officers take additional training to be able to manage fire scenes, assist and lead training sessions.  We have three groups of  firefighters to train including frontline, new recruits, and auxiliary firefighters, it takes a team to provide training our almost 40 FF’s.
The recent plan crash showed us that our work in the area of critical incident stress is necessary and has helped our members.  The department holds mental health at a highest level of importance.  Strategies we have learned at our yearly critical incident stress workshop were used on scene and in the days following.
I look forward to working with our firefighters to provide a professional level of response to the people of Gabriola for 2020.
Bylaw 95 – Burning
The new rules from the Provincial Government have been incorporated into the Bylaw.
Changed 1m X 1m to .5 X .5g
Need to develop Community Wildfire Reduction plan.
An Officer will have to inspect a burn site before a permit is issued.
Take out the word oral permission?
Define campfire rules better.
Put the permit on the website.
John Moeller moved that the topic be tabled until the next meeting, seconded by Mark Noyon, carried.
The Chair brought up the UBCM grant application, explaining that the last thing that is needed is that the Trustees show that they are in agreement to applying for this grant as well as providing overall administration until the project is complete.
Moved by Paul Giffin that the Trustees support this application.  Seconded by Penelope Bahr, carried.

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