Campfire Ban Lifted

Ok Gabriola Kids (and young adults at heart) it’s time to break out the marshmallows and if you’re feeling fancy, graham crackers and chocolate! That’s right starting tomorrow we are allowing CAMPFIRES! Campfires must be 0.5 meter X 0.5 meter and only using approved materials (fire wood).
Please keep in mind that our regulations have been changing frequently with the weather conditions. Make sure to check our social media and website often to make sure you are complying with the latest burn regulations and wildfire hazard levels.
Have fun but please be safe and have your campfire in a cleared area with access to water or a fire extinguisher nearby.
For more information on Fire hazard ratings and other Wildfire information please visit our site and

One comment

  1. Timothy Maika says:

    I’m truly sorry to read that you are encouraging campfires. What these fires mean for a lot of Gabriolans is that we are driven indoors on otherwise gorgeous evenings and have to close our windows to keep out the smoke. I don’t think anyone needs to burn in a residential neighbourhood and we should follow the lead of many communities in bc and support clean air by banning open burning year round.
    Timothy Maika