GFPID Trustee Meeting Minutes – Jan 22, 2020

A General Meeting of the Gabriola Fire Protection District was held January 22, 2020 at the No. 1 Fire Hall with seven Trustees in attendance. The meeting was called to order at 4:45 p.m. by Chairman Sandra Rudischer.
Chairman Rudischer asked for  errors or omissions from  the minutes of December 4, 2019 General Meeting, none forthcoming, moved by Penelope Bahr that the minutes be accepted as presented, seconded by Diana Moher, carried.
The Chief noted that there will be an Open House on January 22, from 10:00 – 3:00 for Emergency Preparedness.   Recruitment for the department as well as other services, such as ESS, PALS… will be sought.
We have set up some Social Media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Facebook, they will all be linked to our webpage.
On Tuesday, January 22, the department passed the annual Commercial FUS testing need to upgrade our records.
At our last Officer’s Meeting we went over OFC self audit.
Updated the Burning Bylaw to include the new regulations.
Fire Smarting – Canso area will be the first neighbourhood to receive the Red Bin for clean up.
We have appointed two new Officers, Elisha Bandel No 1 Hall and Dave Chorneyko No. 2.
Q.  Do you need a policy for the media accounts?  We have an O.G. regarding talking to the media.
TRAINING OFFICER’S REPORT: Reported by Jethro Baker
Training topics for January are:
F.R.  bleeding/shock
Pre-incident planning at the Gabriola Garden Homes
Superior Tanker Shuttle Service accreditation
Low angle ice/water rescue
In the upcoming months we will:
Co-ordinate monthly training nights
Evaluate long term training needs
Continue reviewing our OFC Playbook compliance
I have completed our 2020 training schedule for our frontline recruits and auxiliaries.  The list of skills we need to be proficient in is massive.  The training is co-ordinated by myself and the Chief.  The Officers play a large role in delivering the weekly training.  These Officers take additional training to be able to manage fire scenes, assist and lead training sessions.  We have three groups of  firefighters to train including frontline, new recruits, and auxiliary firefighters, it takes a team to provide training our almost 40 FF’s.
The recent plan crash showed us that our work in the area of critical incident stress is necessary and has helped our members.  The department holds mental health at a highest level of importance.  Strategies we have learned at our yearly critical incident stress workshop were used on scene and in the days following.
I look forward to working with our firefighters to provide a professional level of response to the people of Gabriola for 2020.
Bylaw 95 – Burning
The new rules from the Provincial Government have been incorporated into the Bylaw.
Changed 1m X 1m to .5 X .5g
Need to develop Community Wildfire Reduction plan.
An Officer will have to inspect a burn site before a permit is issued.
Take out the word oral permission?
Define campfire rules better.
Put the permit on the website.
John Moeller moved that the topic be tabled until the next meeting, seconded by Mark Noyon, carried.
The Chair brought up the UBCM grant application, explaining that the last thing that is needed is that the Trustees show that they are in agreement to applying for this grant as well as providing overall administration until the project is complete.
Moved by Paul Giffin that the Trustees support this application.  Seconded by Penelope Bahr, carried.
Trustee’s Website
A discussion ensued on the topic:
Link Trustee website with GVFD.
Agenda and meeting information posted here instead of GVFD site.
To be decided, contributors, authors, or editors.
How many pages need to be created?
Email access for Trustees only.  – Discussion on why bypass the Corporate Officer?  It was decided that the emails would go to a separate email, rather than the GVFD one.
Penelope Bahr thank Dimitri Tzotzos for all his help and support.
Committee will report on progress at the next meeting.
OFC Self Audit:
There were six areas the Officer’s identified:
As of January 9, 2020 the following steps have been taken to address these areas:
        A policy has been included into the Operational Guidelines that addresses our service level and training requirements as outlined by the PlayBook
Heath and Safety committee has been formed and has met and developed an appropriate fitness test designed for our frontline firefighters.  This  will take place for all frontline firefighters in the spring of 2020.  In addition preparatory training has been implemented on a weekly basis in order to prepare frontline firefighters for this test.
Currently we are in talks with Nanaimo Fire Communications and developing an agreement to use their reporting software with no extra cost to the GVFD.
In addition to these there are three more areas that will need to be addressed on a monthly basis at our Officers Meetings:
1.    Near miss reporting.
2.    Continual training in all existing and updated Operational Guidelines.
3.    Organization chart of the current chain of command.
These areas are already being addressed by:
∙    Monthly Officers Meetings now include a section for near miss reporting and review of such.
∙    In addition to the training schedule that the Officers create there will be a line item to include relative and specific Operation Guidelines into each training night.
∙    An adjustable organizational chart of the Chain of Command is being created by the Officers and a local sign maker. This will be placed at the front entrance to the Fire Hall 1
Election Procedures:
Penelope Bahr requested that a committee be formed to improve election procedures.
Only two voting booths.
Extend time for voting.
Have just recently updated the procedures, haven’t hear any complaints since implementing it.
Independent Returning Officer.
Can’t accommodate everyone.
No problem with increasing the amount of tables.
Q.  What Trustees are up for re-election?  Sean Lewis, John Moeller, Diana Moher.
Trustee’s dinner:
Would like to have the dinner before the next AGM, please email Paula best dates for you before mid April.
∙    Fitness testing just for frontline FF’s?  Yes.
∙    FUS – need to do each year?  Yes, for the paperwork.
∙    AGM elections, can you extend the closing period for voting.
∙    Can an email be sent out to people letting them know the date and agenda of meetings?
Moved by Mark Noyon that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Paul Giffin, carried.  Meeting went in-camera.

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