Burning Ban in Place but there is a better way to get rid of that fire load!

Thanks to the RDN and other supporting agencies there is now a way that we can safely get rid of that fire load in your yard before wildfire season without burning!

A 30 Yard Roll off bin Grant for Neighbourhoods

Requirements areā€¦.

  1. You must have 4 or more confirmed neighbors that have yard waist to add to the bin
  2. The 4 homes must have an assessment done by the GVFD representative before a roll off bin will be delivered.
  3. Only burnable organic yard waste is permitted in the bins (IE. Branches, grass and leaves)
  4. Absolutely no other prohibited materials (IE. building materials, rocks, or dirt)

Please gather your 4 or more neighbors and then give the GVFD a phone call to schedule your assessment. (250) 247-9677 or email at gabfire@shaw.ca

In addition to this grant, there are many more available to Fire Smart Champions and their neighborhoods! If you would like to become a fire smart champion the GVFD will be putting on an online, ZOOM conference course soon! Please call the office at the GVFD to get your name on the list!

Lets get creative, work together, and FIRE SMART our community without affecting air quality for those who need it the most in these unprecedented times.


Thanks Gabriola!



One comment

  1. Libby says:

    Hi there — Great program, hope I can take advantage of it. Four in my ‘hood potentially interested–and I’m very interested as I have a small moutain of dry branches–but we are a bit spread apart and everyone wants to know if the bin is only in one place. I for sure don’t have a truck or any way to move my stuff off my property. Thanks for info.