Information Protects Lives

Hello Gabriola, we just wanted to take a moment and make a special post asking the community to help us out.

If you need to call 911 for any reason, please let our dispatchers know right away if any of the following points apply to you,

  1. If you have any Cold or Flu Symptoms at all, no matter how minor they may seem.
  2. If you or someone you have been in direct contact with has been outside the country or in an airport within the last three weeks.
  3. If you have been quarantined by any Health authority.


Help us help you by keeping our Volunteer First Responders and other Emergency Personal safe in this difficult time.


In addition, if you do have to call us you might notice that we look a bit different than normal and use a few different ways of helping you. Our First Responders are practicing social distancing and we need you to do the same as much as possible.  Please don’t be alarmed if we are completely dressed in isolation gear, this is  to protect both you and ourselves.

Thank you Gabriola for helping us help you, and remember…

We stay at work for you, so please stay home for us

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