Trustee Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2019

October 23, 2019 – Trustee Meeting Minutes

A General Meeting of the Gabriola Fire Protection District was held October 23,  2019 at the No. 1 Fire Hall with six Trustees in attendance, absent was Sandra Rudischer.
The meeting was called to order at 4:50 p.m. by  acting Chairman Mark Noyon.
September 4, 2019 minutes, errors or omissions?   Moved by Sean Lewis that the minutes be accepted as presented, seconded by Diana Moher, carried.
September 25 2019 minutes, errors or omissions?   John Moeller noted that he had been at the meeting and it was Mark Noyon who was not.  Penelope Bahr said that she had not been informed there would be a meeting after the election.   Paula Mallinson agreed this was correct, stating that she looked for  Penelope shortly after she had been elected as a Trustee, to inform her of the meeting,  but she  had left the building.  Moved by John Moeller  that the minutes be accepted as amended, seconded by Paul Giffin, carried.
The Chief noted that he had been on holidays, so there was no written report.  He noted that Dimitri Tzotzos had written a summary of the new burning bylaws and that they will be in the phone book and the GVFFA website, and stated that at some point the Trustees would have to amend the Burning Bylaw.
∙    Hosted a Hazmat course at the Hall with Mudge, Cedar and Cranberry Firefighters attending, it was a good course and probably saved the department thousands of dollars.
∙    Practiced with HAM on Gabriola and in Nanaimo using the emergency radio set up in the bus.  It was a simulation of last years major wind storm.
Sean Lewis asked to what level was the Hazmat course.   The T.O. stated to the basic level, which allows the firefighters to get their NFPA 1001 Level 2 certification.
∙    Morale is great, recruits are excited about training.
∙    Fireworks will be held on October 26.
∙    How many new recruits?  6 full frontline with 15 auxiliary.
∙    How many women?  6 – 7 with two on the waiting list.
The Provincial Levy, Bylaw 94
∙    Changes to the GFPID 2020 Budget, a 2.1% increase,  were explained.
∙    It was noted that one of the Truck Bylaws had been paid off in 2019, so the increase should not make any impact on homeowners taxes.
Moved by Diana Moher that bylaw 94 be accepted, seconded by Paul Giffin, carried.
Moved by Penelope Bahr that bylaw 94 be accepted, seconded by John Moeller, carried.
Moved by Diana Moher that bylaw 94 be accepted, seconded by Paul Giffin, carried.
Old Hall 1 roof:
∙    We are currently waiting for an Engineer, who is coming over to the Island on another matter, to inspect the roof, so we can save some money.  Will monitor the roof over the winter.
Hydrant Easement:
∙    Waiting for an Engineer’s report.
∙    Insurance company coming back with prices.
Trustee’s website:
∙    At this point the website is just for receiving applications and correspondence, Paul Champion would like the Trustees to take it over.
∙    Communication Committee should take a look at it and get back to the Board.
∙    Get the invoice from Paul Champion and pay for it.
Moved by John Moeller and the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Paul Giffin, carried.
Questions from the floor:
∙    Liz Ciocea stated that she had attended the Fire Smart course put on by Dimitri Tzotzos and Will Sprogis, and had enjoyed it and was hoping there would be more to come.  Will noted there will be another course in January.
∙    Liz Ciocea also thanked Duty Officer, Will Sprogis for coming over and checking out the transformer that had blown at the end of her street, and phoning her to let her know it was safe.
∙    Toby Elliot asked if there was any thought about reviewing the communications with the community during a power outage?
    ∙    It was noted that the RDN is the contact agency.
    ∙    Information on the website.
    ∙    If signed up with the RDN should get a text or a phone call during an emergency.
    ∙    ESS, run by Shirley Nicolson is the contact on the Island.
    ∙    The bulletin board at the Village has a lot of information on it.
    ∙    Information in the phone book.
    ∙    This is not the Fire Department’s mandate, they help where they can.
∙    Kyle Clifford read a letter of concern he had regarding the hiring of the Fire Chief.
Asked if the survey done a few years ago had been viewed by the Board?
    The Board took his letter to be discussed in-camera.
At this point the Chairman thanked the audience for coming out and their input, and the Board went in-camera.

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