Trustee Meeting Minutes – September 4, 2019

September 4, 2019 – Trustee Meeting Minutes

A General Meeting of the Gabriola Fire Protection District was held September 4,  2019 at the No. 1 Fire Hall with four Trustees in attendance, absent was Mark Noyon.
The meeting was called to order at 4:50 p.m. by Acting Chair Sandra Rudischer.
∙    Gertie
FIRE CHIEF REPORT: (As per written report)
Will Sprogis gave a brief report noting the following:
∙    Recruits half way through their training
∙    Our firefighters are working hard
∙    Started using Acting Officers to pick up the slack during practices, doing 3 different groups on training night
∙    Did a cross training with BCAS, RCMP, SAR, and HAM – who played dispatch
∙    HAM set up our emergency truck to use in case the repeater is down
∙    Will Sprogis and Dimitri Tzotzos held a Fire Safe course with 10 people attending, ESS came out to help.  Looking forward to moving forward with this training
∙    Association is starting preparations for Halloween night and the fireworks.
The GFPID received a letter from Gertie and they would like to get together with the Trustees to discuss  housing the trucks in the old Hall.
∙    This is something that we can look into if we decide to bring the old Hall up to date with new roof, etc., but will have to look into insurance implications also.
Long Range Plan:
Sean Lewis asked how the digitizing of the Long Range Plan was progressing?  John Moeller noted that it was almost complete but that some of the charts and maps are picking up properly.
Once completed it can be updated and put on the Website for public information.
Old Hall 1:
The Fire Chief noted that while he was away he had asked Will Sprogis to look into the costs of different types of roofing.
Will Sprogis stated that the main problem is because of the weight of the gravel and tower on the roof it will need to be shimmed up and ply wood put down, basically the estimates are between 45,000 – $50,000, with one company offering a 30 year warranty.
He had also looked into trusses as suggested by Sean Lewis, but the company said because of the roof span they would be too long for the ferry, and the cost would be almost double.
∙    Nice thing about trusses you get a 50 year warranty, should be a way to get them over.
∙    No sense in paying double for trusses, especially with a 30 year warranty the other way.
∙    Is the Hall used?  Yes, we do auto X, ladder training, S&R… during the winter months this is great, keeps the equipment and Ffs dry.
∙    Other than an earthquake the building is pretty solid.
∙    Roof was fixed last year, but this year carpenter ants are attacking it, might last another year at the most.
∙    If we don’t do something with it, it will become a liability.
∙    Some of the roofers said they would babysit the roof until they could do the job.
∙    Do we need to get an Engineer report on it?  We have had two done in the past when considering a new Hall, will pull them out.
∙    Suggest torch on with 30 year warranty.
∙    Gertie could pay some rent for using the facility, they were also asking about office space – could use the kitchen in the Bay.
∙    Is the building being heated right now?  No.
∙    What insurance does the building have now?  Demolish.
∙    Cost to take down the building could be over $60,000.
∙    Tank at the Hall now for drafting practices.
∙    Back up generator still operational in Hall.
∙    Should meet with Gertie to discuss, trial basis.
∙    Should look into insurance costs, liability, and Engineering report.
Rook’s Dam:
John Moeller noted that the Ministry of Transportation required that there be two connecting public roads before anything could be done with the Dam.  Bob Rooks had Engineer plans drawn up and has shorn everything up over and above specification, they should have no problem getting approval.
The Dam is part of common property and Bob is suggestion a 3 way split on water rights, which would make Bob, myself, and the Fire Department responsible for the insurance, and maintenance.  The only thing that would cause concern is an earth quake, and even then they way it is constructed and protected wouldn’t cause a tidal wave.
∙    Sandra Rudischer said that Bob Rook’s would like a letter of intent from the Improvement District.
∙    Really do need this hydrant the next closest one is at Camp Miriam.
∙    Brian Henning will be writing the letter of intent.
∙    Bob Rooks would like to have the Fire Department on as an emergency contact, right now is is Bob and John Moeller.
∙    The Fire Chief recommend going for it saying maintenance should be almost nothing.
∙    Going to get a legal easement and water rights.
∙    Immediate business get the Letter of Intent and see what’s binding.
At this point there were a few questions from the public:
∙    Where does this water come from?  Surface water.
∙    Could you expropriate?
∙    Rob Brockley introduced himself as the President of GALT and asked if the GFPID were accepting part of the liability would they be open to some public access on this property?
∙    Could GALT not become a 4th party?  No – no insurance liability.
∙    Maybe GALT could make the pitch to Rooks?
∙    First thing to do is check into cost of insurance (John Moeller volunteered to do this.)
∙    If GALT would like to write their request to the GFPID we would be more than willing to speak to Rooks about it.
∙    Strata Road open to Public but no cars, gated.
Moved by Sean Lewis that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by John Moeller, carried.
Meeting adjourned at 5:51 p.m.

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