Trustee Meeting Minutes – August 7, 2019

August 7, 2019 – Trustee Meeting Minutes

A General Meeting of the Gabriola Fire Protection District was held August 7,  2019 at the No. 1 Fire Hall with four Trustees in attendance, absent was John Moeller.
The meeting was called to order at 4:50 p.m. by Acting Chair Sandra Rudischer.
The Chair stated that she would like to reaffirm that  her position as Chair stands until the September 25, 2019 re-election, as she was 1) nominated by a  Trustee who had to step down due to the Court challenge, and 2) when nominated she had hoped there could be a roaming Chairman, but as Victoria doesn’t allow that, she will be Acting until the election.
Moved by Mark Noyon that Sandra Rudischer be Chairman until the September 25, 2019 election, seconded by Sean Lewis, carried.
The Chair asked for  errors or omissions from  the minutes of June 5, 2019 General Meeting.  Mark Noyon noted that the adjournment time was incorrect.  Moved by Mark Noyon that the minutes be accepted with the time amendment, seconded by Diana Moher, carried.
The Chair thanked Penelope J. Bahr for her letter and stated there were some really good points.   The Chair  noted that at this point the Trustee Website had been set up just for the process of receiving  Fire Chief applications, but once the process has been completed we will look at implementing some of the suggestions.
FIRE CHIEF REPORT: (As per written report)
 Association made some amendments to their rules for voting members in.
Hydrant easement:
∙    Insurance for the hydrant easement shouldn’t be too bad
∙    600 gpm of unlimited water, really don’t want to lose this water source
∙    This project needs to go ahead, the Fire Chief will find out when they need the Trustees decision by.
∙    The Chair noted that John Moeller wasn’t here tonight and seeing that he is also on this easement he would have information to give.
∙    It was agreed to read the paper work on this topic and call a special meeting, if necessary, to expedite this matter.
OFC Audit:
∙    The Fire Chief has finished his portion of the audit, just waiting for the Officers and some of the Firefighters to return theirs and he will give it to the Trustee
∙    Sean Lewis noted this audit was a win/win situation and was very pleased that the Chief was doing it in-house.  The Chief noted it is a pretty straight forward document.  Sean Lewis said it gives you a measuring stick and that he was very pleased it was being used, well done.
A discussion on the pros and cons of getting the old Hall a new torch on roof:
∙    They always leak, need them fixed every few years.
∙    Concerns of the cost of heating and getting it up to standards.
∙    Still use the building for training purposes.
∙    In the long term shingles might be a cheaper way to go, and then could do water collection.
∙    When was the last time it was done?  1986.
A discussion around the hydrant easement:
∙    Could this be a grandfather clause?
∙    Do we use Clydes?  No, it’s electric so doesn’t work in a outage and Clyde wanted too much money for something we barely used.
∙    If the District agrees to the easement are they liable too?  Yes.
∙    The GFPID has agreements on all the other water sources and hydrants.
Moved by Mark Noyon that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Diana Moher, carried.
Meeting adjourned at 5:17

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