Bush Fire

Fire crews were paged to a bush fire on an acreage off of Taylor Bay road this afternoon. A westerly breeze had spread the fire to cover an area of about 1/2 acre.

Access to the area was good, so crews were able to quickly deploy hose lines and stop the fire from further spreading.  Completely extinguishing the fire took much longer, as the dry fuels will smoulder and flames can pop up for some times afterwards. The property owner, as well as fire officials, will keep a close eye on the site over the coming week to ensure their is no rekindling.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.


  1. Zulis Yalte says:

    Thank you Gabriola Fire Department… Awesome crew!

  2. Donna says:

    Great job GVFD!

  3. Robert Krize says:

    Way to go you guys. Thanks for being on top of it!!,

  4. Janet Vickers says:

    Thank you to the trained people who help to keep us safe.

  5. Joanna Vandenberg says:

    People are still burning! We could smell it today from somewhere. So until there is a fire ban we are not safe.

    • joseph B says:

      this wasn’t someone burning. a solar charging setup caught fire because it was poorly assembled.