Emergency notication system.

The earthquake in Alaska this morning has people asking about our emergency notication system.
Years ago we investigated putting sirens around the island but realized for them to be effective their would need to be a lot of them to cover the island and they would all need backup power in case of a power outage.
Please sign up for this system if you haven’t already.


  1. Jessica Wojak says:

    Please sign up our family for alerts. Thank you for all you do ❤

  2. Diane J. Green says:

    Signed up! Thanks for all you do for us.

  3. Richard Frizell says:

    Please sign us up

  4. Stuart and Rhonda Bruce says:

    Please sign up our family

  5. Rick Jackson says:

    You need to go to the address on the sign to register. They give options for cell and landlines

  6. Paul Thompson says:

    Thanks for the heads up Rick. Signed up.

  7. Jude briscoe says:

    Thankyou! Am doing this now! I so appreciate our wonderful first responders thankyou

  8. June and Brad Hope says:

    Please sign us up. Thanks

  9. Fred Wicks says:

    Not sure if Idid already but here it is again just in case.😃

  10. Rick Jackson says:

    Just to be clear- everyone needs to go to the website above and register their own phones etc.

  11. Joyce Babula says:

    Us too please, Rick.