Early morning workshop fire

Our dept was paged at 04:44 Tuesday morning to a fully involved structure fire. The initial report came in as a large fire across Degnen Bay but with no address. This was quickly followed by the actual address on Martin Rd. The duty officer was first on scene, followed soon by the pumper truck from hall 2. The DO confirmed the report of a fully involved fire, with fire spreading into the woods. He requested our dispatch to have BC Wildfire Service deploy a helicopter asap. This would take a while as it was still too dark to fly.

A fast initial attack was made on the flames impinging on the dump truck parked in front of the shop, allowing the owner to gain access and drive it away from the building. The hood and fenders on the drivers side had begun to melt from the intense heat.

Meanwhile other vehicles and manpower were arriving and were deployed to the best advantage by the DO. Our bush truck was sent to the rear of the building to attack the fire in the trees and undergrowth. Luckily those exposures were able to be quickly brought under control, and the BCWS response was cancelled.

Extinguishing the contents of the metal clad shop took many hours, as openings in the walls had to be cut out of the collapsing building to gain access to the flames. The last vehicles stood down around noon.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.

As always I’m very proud of our members, who almost seem to materializes out of thin air whenever they are needed the most!


  1. Donna Holland says:

    Thank you for your report,Rick.
    Respect and gratitude to all your members.

  2. Dar Mace says:

    We are extremely fortunate to have you all & your valuable service to our entire community. Much gratitude!!

  3. Zulis Yalte says:

    Thank you all members of GVFD for your ongoing dedication and skill in keeping our community fire-free and safe. So grateful to you all!

  4. Christine Bletcher says:

    Thanks so much for a wonderful job Gabriola Fire Department.

  5. tammy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.