20 years with the GVFD

Bill Sprogis completed 20 years with our fire dept this past July. He has participated in many an adventure over those years and no doubt will be attending many more. Thanks for being here, Bill!



  1. Zulis says:

    Thank you.Bill for your many years of service to our Gabriola Community! ❤️

  2. Susan Banjavich says:

    Congratulations and thank you Bill.

  3. Penelope Bahr says:

    Lovely photo. Thank you very much, Bill.

  4. Joyce Babula says:

    That is what I call service to the community! Thanks Bill.

  5. Dar Mace says:

    💝💝💞Yeah, Bill!

  6. Jacinthe says:

    This is what I call dedication to serving our community. Thank you Bill.

  7. Teri LaScala says:

    Congratulations and Thank You Bill. We all depend on you especially during the summer.

  8. Sooz SVensson says:

    So nice to be able to say a hearty thanks!

  9. Nancy Crozier says:

    Thanks Bill ! Boy time flies when you’re saving lives! Thank you…

  10. Florence Sutherland says:

    Thanks Bill. Firemen are # 1!

  11. Gail Hartman says:

    WOW! That is an amazing feat.

  12. Chris Bowers says:

    Now that’s MY definition of a great Gabriolan! Thanks so much for your service, Bill. :-)

  13. Gerry Stefanson says:

    well done, hero’s work hard. 20 years an Island community treasure, Thanks for your care.

  14. Martie says:

    Wow Bill! Thank-you so much!!!

  15. Rena Mae says:

    Bill, are you married?