No address sign? $1000 fine.

Effective immediately, the Regional District of Nanaimo will be levying a fine of $1000 against the title of any property that doesn’t have an adequate address sign displayed next to the property’s primary access point. ‘Adequate’ means visible day or night by a vehicle approaching from either direction.

Emergency responders have long spoken of the frustration of trying to find the location of situations they have been paged to attend to, often dangerously delaying help to those in need. Repeated requests in the media appear to have fallen on deaf ears, so this drastic measure has been invoked to ensure compliance.

We would like to thank RDN Area B director Howard Houle for his diligence in this matter and for ensuring that enforcement would begin by today.


  1. Aaudrey Schroedee says:

    Is this an April Fools joke?

  2. Jane Woods says:

    👍 great idea!! As of April 1st?!