GVFFA Fireworks show 2015

Adjustments to the show this year, caused by a change in the level of the tide at showtime, means the fireworks will be fired from the parks shore edge, instead of the beach.

Regulations being what they are, the public and the bonfire, etc. must be kept back a prescribed distance, which in our situation, puts the barriers around the location the level changes in the park.


This is unfortunate, because this section of the park is the first area to get flooded when it rains, and with a weather prediction of Pineapple Express levels of rainfall we see the potential for a last minute change.

Should that be the case, we will post an update on Facebook.

Update- the weather cooperated and the show went off without a hitch. People seemed to like the new arrangement and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the fundraising for the show. It wouldn’t go on without you.


  1. Ken Nicolson says:

    Will you email changes