Summer Winds

summer-winds-fire1The warm summer winds bring another type of hazard to the island. Not only drying the moisture from the island, but causing branches and trees to fall and break hydro lines. These high voltage wires are extremely dangerous should you come in contact with one ( stay back 10m) , and can start a fire in an instant. That is what we were paged out to this morning.

Luckily the wire fell into an area that was damp enough that the fire did not spread quickly, allowing the crew to wait for the BCHyro crew to attend and de-energize the wire.

Should the fire crew need to suppress a spreading fire before the power can be shut off, we would shoot a high pressure fog spray into the air over the fire, and allow the water to fall down in an electrically non-conductive rainstorm. Never apply a direct hose stream onto anything you suspect could be electrically energized.


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