Burning garbage

Some people still feel it’s ok to to stuff their plastic and paper garbage into their woodstove as a way of dealing with it. We often receive complaints about this, but if it’s after the fact, not much can be done about it.

When someone is all cozy inside their home, they are probably not even aware of the stink and discomfort they are bestowing upon their neighbours. But the neighbours often are, and often know exactly whose chimney it’s coming from.

Under provincial regulations it’s illegal – as well as very inconsiderate – to pollute the air this way. I always encourage people to try and point out the problem to the offending neighbour in a friendly manner while it is happening- as it’s harder to deny any involvement when the smoke is pouring out of the chimney.

In my opinion, if Gabriola is to remain a place where we can continue to enjoy the benefits of wood burning, we need to make sure we do it correctly and not empower the winds of change with the end result being a permanent fire ban.

One comment

  1. Bram van den berg says:

    The problem is not just that people burn garbage but stinking, toxic smoke coming from improperly burned woodstoves is really everywhere on the island. People burn wet or not well seasoned fire wood and do not care. Even if you tell people that a lot of smoke is coming out of their chimney they don’t do anything about it.
    Another toxic issue is open burning. People burn everthing from wet leaves to wet wood and who knows what else and nothing is being done about it. Open burning has been tolerated too long . You cannot do this in this day and age and say that you care about the environment.The only solution here is a total open burning ban, like in all civilized communities. I really think that we have to take drastic measures in order to get the message across.I think we need a combined effort between the fire department and IslandTrust to take action. I did not mention the RDN, because despite my emails to Howard Houle about this subject, he chose to ignore them .