1. Tony Bampfield says:

    I noticed that your hazard level differs from the provincial rating (http://bcwildfire.ca/weather/maps/danger_rating.htm). Does the Gabriola fire department set an independent rating or follow the province ?

    • Rick Jackson says:

      Yes the Gabriola Fire Protection District has its own bylaws, and while we receive the weather info from Forestry, due to our particular climate, we don’t always set the hazard level the same as the main island.

      At the time I’m writing this comment (July 26th), we are at high regular shift.

      Thanks for asking!

  2. Nick says:


    Your comment says the fire rating is High Early Shift, but the Hazard rating at the right says High. As of yesterday the sign in front of the post office also only says High. Can you please clarify what the current Hazard rating is? As for the early shift, are gas generators included in prohibited equipment after 1 pm?

    Thank you,