Last night’s search for fire on Gabriola

At 11 pm last night our pagers went off, and the message dispatch gave us was “report of a bush fire, visible from Nanaimo.” This is alarming because Gabriola is dry right now, and a wildfire could be devastating.

Within minutes, most of our trucks and our command vehicle were on the road, and firefighters began looking for the fire. So if you saw fire trucks driving around last night, that’s why.

We looked and looked, but found no fire. We smelled no smoke. In the end, we concluded that the caller had been mistaken, so we stood down and went back to our respective halls. And then to bed.


  1. Will says:

    Thanks for your efforts as always. I got a reduction on my home owners insurance this year because of GVFD’s dedication.

    • Rick Jackson says:

      You are most welcome, Will. We are quite proud of our accomplishments within the insurance world. We first acquired the residential savings in 2007- the second FD west of Ontario. Last year we re certified, and also acquired the new commercial level for the west end. We were the first volunteer dept west of Ontario for that level.

  2. Donna Hamilton says:

    You didn’t wake me, but if you had, no apology would be necessary.
    Thank you Gabriola Volunteer Fire Dept.

  3. Bernice Dewinetz says:

    Thank you for being diligent…much appreciation for all the Gabriola Fire Department !