Marine firefighting practice at Degnen Bay

fire-practice-degnen-bayLast night our firefighting practice was at Degnen Bay. This overview shot was taken from the end of Maple Lane, where there’s a public access trail down the hill to Degnen dock.

The immense spray of water you see in this photo is coming from our hose line, and is directed out towards an imaginary boat fire.

Here are two more photos of this practice session:


Before we can flow water, hoselines must be in place. Here two firefighters carry hose down Degnen dock.


Here’s our crew on the end of the dock, using a device we call the monitor or deck gun to flow 250 gallons per minute out into the bay. The firefighter facing the camera is Felix Amuir.


  1. Albert Reed says:

    Would have been nice to include water delivery system, if it was used, to show people why not to park at the downstream end of the delivery pipe. A